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“Alice and Toby are a dynamic team, readily available on our schedule to provide support and guidance for our recent simultaneous home selling and home buying experience in Newton. Alice and Toby bring many years of real estate experience to the table, they know the housing market, the home styles in the area and are willing to share insights into the neighborhood vibe. They also understand how stressful it is to sell a house and provide trusted guidance on timing, price range and selling strategies, without pressure. They are a pleasure to work with, true professionals with a personal touch. We would call on them again for our real estate transactions.”

-- Nancy and Kevin D., February 2021

“Since 2003 I have had the honor of being represented by the Alice Norton/Maria Pazmany team in 5 real estate transactions.  Both Realtors have always provided the most expert service and dependability.  Any questions or concerns were quickly addressed with positive attitude and complete follow-through.

“Alice’s many years of experience and professionalism should encourage any buyers searching for an excellent real estate agent to be assured they will be taken care of in their most important transactions.”

-- Michele G., February 2019

“I am the former owner of a large four family, Victorian house in Brookline. I bought the house many years ago and converted it into four condo units, all different sizes with different luxurious amenities. Each time I have put a unit on the market I used the services of Alice Norton of Hammond Residential. She has given me excellent advice on pricing my units and preparing the units for sale and has assisted me in the process of securing the necessary inspections. This last process has been especially important to me since I now live in California and have not been able to be at the house for various inspections. Each of my units has sold quickly and with no problems in the closing process. I credit the beauty of my units as well as the constant support of my real estate agent with these successful outcomes. In addition to her expertise, Alice is an especially lovely human being who I now count as a friend and I would heartily recommend her to anyone seeking out a unit or putting a property up for sale.”

-- Barbara S., January 2019

“Alice has been our go-to real estate broker since 1994. During that time we have bought and sold several properties and keep returning to her to help us since we have always had such a good experience with her guidance and expertise. In one situation, going against her self-interest--- given how many hours she dedicated to helping us with a sale---- Alice advised us to walk away from the potential buyers given her concern on our behalf. This kind of integrity cannot always be assumed. Further, Alice has worked with us as equal collaborators, respecting our choices and patient with our process. She is quick to respond to emails and phone calls. We recommend her without reservation.”

-- Laura D., December 2018

“I was referred to Alice and Maria many years ago when I moved to Brookline; they helped me to buy my first condo. Now, in 2016, we are working on our 7th transaction together!

“After the first purchase I returned to them to sell it and buy a house in Newton.   Soon the house seemed too small, so Alice and Maria sold it and we found a larger home. 

“When my work called me back to the Brookline area, I decided to find a condominium.  Again Alice and Maria worked w us to settle us in.

“During those years we kept in touch. They informed us, whenever we needed it, about the trends and tremendous changes in the market. We were impressed by their knowledge, their negotiating skills, availability, and helpfulness.  We could trust that we received honest and thorough information which we could build on.

“I referred several friends of mine to Alice and Maria and I would do it in the future as well.”

-- Suzanne O., December 2016

"Maria is an outstanding Realtor and friend. She is extremely detailed-oriented, considerate, and a wonderful advocate. Maria works diligently, has a thorough understanding of the market, our neighborhood, and our home. As out of state buyers, she helped make the purchase of our home nearly effortless. We had such confidence in her that we asked Team Alice and Maria to assist with our second transaction. Again, they went above and beyond; we are very pleased to have had Alice and Maria on our team.”

-- Jessica Z., July 2015

“Alice was a wonderful agent with whom to work.  It took us about nine months to locate a property that we found worked for us. Throughout the long journey, Alice was patient and informative.  She was always responsive whenever we had a need.  Alice is true asset to her profession.”

-- Paula and Jim C., August 2014

I was referred to Alice through a colleague who assured me she was very trustworthy.  Indeed Alice walked me through the process of listing. showing and selling my condo seamlessly. Alice is a very gracious and experienced Realtor whose primary goal is to sell your property to the right buyer.  She went out of her way many times to be there when workers needed access.

“Hammond did a wonderful job photographing and marketing the property and Alice continued to remain a support to me until the final papers were signed. She is a skillful Realtor and negotiator who knows how to manage all the unpredictable variables that occur.

“I am so grateful that she worked with me. We had a very successful sale and I credit Alice with the outcome.  I would not hesitate to recommend Alice Norton to anyone needing to sell a property.”

-- Mary N., August 2014

“Buying a new home, particularly in a tight market like Brookline, can be a nerve-wracking experience. I can't think of anyone more personable, supportive, and professional to help guide a buyer through this complex process. Alice took great care in matching my needs and desires with what the market had to offer and always gave me thoughtful, wise, and useful advice. She was always available and accessible. It was comforting to have such an experience and compassionate professional by my side throughout the process.”

-- Rhonda B., June 2013

“Many thanks again for such a great first-time buying experience! Josh and I are so thrilled that everything is official, and really felt that the whole process went great from start to finish. It was fun seeing you on Friday--a great way to kick start an incredibly productive weekend.

“I know that my mom already sent you photos (she is so excited to have a new project!)...we kept saying how incredible the space looked with the hardwood exposed, and were in awe that no one had done this sooner! We are very excited to have you over to see the place after we're all moved in.
“Thanks again and we'll be in touch!”

-- Sarah M., April 2013

“For many, many years, through a sizable number of sales and purchases, Alice Norton has successfully acted as my real estate agent.

“I trust her excellent judgment and experience implicitly. She has shown a finely-tuned ability to listen well and search out the best match for my needs when I wanted to buy, and, when I wanted to sell, to quickly connect with the people for whom my property was appropriate. People sense that she is sensitive to their needs, direct and appropriately forthright.

“Clearly, I’m a very satisfied client and can highly recommend her to others.”

-- Shirley P., October 2012

“Alice helped us buying our condominium in Brookline. It was a prolonged search because we had to wait until our house sold in western Massachusetts. She was very patient and diligent showing us all potential properties and keeping us posted of market conditions. Once we made an offer she negotiated skillfully on our behalf and made the transaction very smooth. We are still keeping in touch with each other. We had an excellent experience with Alice and will recommend her to family and friends.”

-- Gloria A., December 2010

"We thoroughly enjoyed working with Alice Norton and Maria Pazmany of Hammond Residential. Alice and Maria were so informative and supportive during the very stressful time of selling a home. They constantly kept us informed about similar properties on the market in our area and fluctuating real estate conditions. We often spoke on the phone several times a day. They were very diligent about holding open houses every Sunday and bringing by interested sellers to see our condo during the week. They devoted so much time and energy to our home sale that the whole process moved forward with great efficiency. Alice and Maria took such a personal interest in our lives and they not only included us in all of the meticulous details of the condo sale, they made sure that we understood all of the steps along the way. We felt as though they were concerned only with what was best for us and they did everything they could to make us have the most positive home selling experience. I would highly recommend Alice and Maria of Hammond Residential and we plan on using only their services in the future."

-- Nick and Jacklyn K., November 2010